A New Look: Short Hairstyles for a 50 Year Old Woman with Glasses

It’s no doubt that as one grows older, their tastes, preferences, and style tend to change with age. This is, of course, the case with women and hairstyles too. Once a woman reaches her 50’s, she tends to want to enjoy life more and stress herself less, yet some hair mistakes can make you look older. But that doesn’t mean that one should switch to hairstyles that don’t suit them or those that she doesn’t like. But it’s easier said than done, right?

On the other hand, women who wear glasses tend to find it challenging when it comes to choosing hairstyles that will blend with their shades and glass frames while remaining fashionable and attractive. Does this mean double tragedy for you if you’re a woman over fifty and wear glasses? Absolutely not! You just need to familiarize with the best hairstyles for a woman in your position. Well, here’s a new look: short hairstyles for a 50 year old woman with glasses.

1. Medium Layered Haircut

If your skin is the fair complexion type, this stunning cut can work great for you. This seamless look will be achieved with your longest strands lying on the shoulders. The top layers should be cut such that they are gradually shorter. You will also enjoy this hairstyle as it is quite easy to maintain. Use a round brush to style the tips and side sweep some bangs toward the front to complete the look.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram: @eriko.415

2. The Short and Sassy Haircut

This hairstyle not creates a perfect fit for the glasses but also makes the wearer look more attractive and younger. It can be the perfect style if you have moderately thick to thick hair. Use styling tools and products that add volume to your hair if you want to make the best out of this short hair cut. It works best for most women over 50, especially if you have an oval face.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram: @salonalexandria843

3. Short Layered Auburn Bob

This is another awesome hairstyle that a woman over 50 can rock even when she wears glasses. The shorter layers have been back-combed, and set to create an awesome feathered hair version.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram: @jackmartincolorist

4. The Soft and Curly Blonde Bob

If your hair is the wavy or curly type, then this is one of the best styles for you. With this wash-and-go hairstyle, your hair will lie easily however you want it without worrying about any mess. It also creates a perfect blended look with your glasses. Furthermore, it works with most hair types.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram: @guillotinesalonandspa

5. The Short Layered Over-50 Hairstyle

If you are over 50, wear glasses, and prefer not to use hot tools on your straight hair, this is one of the best hairstyles for some extra texture. Ask your hair stylist for a layered haircut with choppy ends. Finish the look with some blonde highlights.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram: @mechesalonla