How to Cut Hair for Volume

Whether your hair is thin or you’re just looking to add some body to your thick hair, adding volume to your hair can be a tricky activity if you don’t know how to do it. Among the various techniques of adding hair volume include using volumizing products, back-combing, and hair crimping, among other methods. If you want to stick to the later, which is cutting your hair for volume; you should be extremely careful and get it right the first time. Here are some stepwise tips on how to cut hair for volume.

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1. Shorter Is Better

One of the biggest secrets of cutting your hair so that it looks full and voluminous is to keep it as short as you can. The longer it is, the more the strain exerted on the roots. A shorter cut will obviously maximize your volume since your hair will have less weight and find it easier to stand up for volume and fullness.

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2. Make Your Ends Blunt

As you cut your hair, consider the fact that wispy and layered ends will give your hair a thinner appearance. On the other hand, a haircut with bangs and blunt ends will give your hair a more voluminous and full appearance.

3. Style against the Grain

Here, the secret is to determine the direction to which your hair lies flat, then styling it the opposite direction. This tends to give your hair a lifted appearance against the grain. According to the glamor magazine, hair volume starts at the roots. For better results, consider using styling products such as hair sprays that increase lift at the hair roots. Another idea is to use styling tools. Lift your hair by blow drying it to the right and styling it to the left after combing.

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4. Curl Your Hair

Curling can also add some volume to your hair. Give your hair some curls after cutting the ends and you will see the lift you create. Here, you will need a good curling iron and some curling products along with your short haircut. For even more volume, the other trick is to use waves that face outward when curling.

5. Side Sweep Your Hair

After giving yourself a fabulous haircut, side sweep your hair by parting it into a section to one side of your head. This tends to double the volume at the main hair section, giving it a look that is fuller. The opposite side should look smaller. However, take time to choose your haircut well as the style should be well coordinated with the cut, especially if you have short hair.

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6. Think about Layers

Even though it tends to be a bit contentious as to whether layered hair adds or hinders volume, there is nothing wrong with experimenting. For some people, layers actually work to make the hair look more voluminous. As you cut your hair for volume, remember to consider layers. Here are some layered haircuts that can boost volume.